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The wine, liquid gold from Almonte
Work at the winery
Cultivation of the vines
Wine production
The Colours of the Wine
The aromas of the wine
New wines, new markets
From the vine to the glass
The oenologist’s secrets
A restored building

Los aromas del vino

The aromas of the wine
Los aromas del vino

Siguiendo con las sensaciones, llega el turno en nuestra cata de descubrir y sentir algunos de los diferentes aromas que puede tener el vino: naranja amarga, regaliz, vainilla…

A través de un sistema interactivo descubrimos qué aromas se asocian a los diferentes tipos de vino que se producen en Almonte.


Continuing with our senses, the moment has arrived to discover and experience some of the different aromas of the wines: bitter orange, liquorice, vanilla…

Using an interactive system, we can determine which aromas are associated with the various types of wine produced in Almonte.

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